Chelsea Pensioners

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by leavepass, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. I have been volunteered to do the Chelsea Pensioners wheelchair sketch at a school 'talent' show. I have heard about it but never seen it and have to get 3 boys and self to do the sketch. How is it done? Words of command? Props? Help!!
  2. Don't know if this is the one you're talking about, but I saw it on the Fast Show.

    The fragile old Chelsea Pensioner in all his gear (well, actually a bloke derssed as one) is walking across the zebra crossing really slowly, with a zimmer frame. I mean really slowly. The drivers way back that can't see what's going on are getting pissed off, but eventually he makes it to the other side, with the help of a cyclist who got off his bike to help him. Once on the other side, he immediately throws away the zimmer frame, and jogs off along the street.
  3. More likely the audience participation sketch which is performed sitting, facing front, sometimes on a table.

    Explanation: "Wheelchair drill has been developed for use by In-pensioners of the Royal Hospital."

    Followed by a demonstration of the basic movements, and a parade in quick and slow time, saluting etc.

    Left Right is performed by demonstrating pushing down on wheels with left then right hand, in time, with Rgtl pauses of course.

    Right turn three shoves down on the left wheel.

    Saluting, left hand pushes alternate left and right wheels whilst "up".

    Break into slow / quick time, change speed of shoves appropriately.

    Most important drill is the halt, which consists of spitting on both palms then grabbing both wheels simultaneously.

    Best performed by one person as the instructor and a squad of drillers. Squad should hum regimental marches etc as well.

    I believe the Household Division have mastered left & right form, and that a Spin Wheel was once attempted.

    Has anyone got the Pam?

    Tip: use non-movable chairs for best effect. Doesn't work as well in real ones.

    Tip 2: a bottle of port helps too.
  4. Or the variation off when he gets to the other side, two boys scouts grab his arms and help him back to the other side! :lol:
  5. Or the about-turn. spitting on both palms and push wheels left & right at same time!

    Saw this done on office swivel chairs with direction changes, but 'on the spot'