chelsea pensioners

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by chastity, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi all not been on for a while...dunno where this should be posted!! saw a great programme earlier,about the chelsea pensioners was really moving
  2. As usual I catch just the last 2 minutes of a good program. Hopefully it will be shown again. How many Chelsea Pensioners are there? I liked the bit with the two old boys walking off chuntering away!
  3. LOL they were funny sadly one died! :cry: don`t know how many .I`m not sure is it a series or a one off?
  4. It originally ran as a series of 5 episodes or so. Sadly, everyone that appeared in the programme is now deceased.
  5. Happily though they expired as honourable old toms, not shivering in a dump wondering whether to eat or turn the heating on.
  6. If only that were the case. They died as a result of the fire.
  7. :D They were proud old men,i cried and laughed lol
  8. I think there are around 350ish.They are now building accommadation for lady pensioneers to now.How many i dont each maybe :)
  9. Thank you DodgerH.

    So what happens if the randy old geezers are caught in the female CP block? :wink:
  10. i never gave it much thought before,even though my dad was in army..i`m a civvie btw. The chelsea pensioners were just sort of..... there!,like the cornershop :oops:
  11. Why does it always come down to sex?................. :roll:
  12. If you have to ask you're either a virgin or just plain gopping.
  13. what`s bitten your bum...bit touchy matey do you understand the concept of sarcasm?.............or is that drilled out of you at some early stage? pmsl :twisted:
  14. it's not the naafi, it's not the naafi.