Chelsea pensioners get their own cybercafe

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by growler, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Do we need to increase the size of our default font now?

    I Said, do we need to increase the si.....

    Oh never mind.....

  2. Granny Porn?

  3. I knew it wouldn't be long before someone said this, and quelle surprise its Oz! :lol:

    (and you well know granny porn is not just for the older generation!! ;-))
  4. Genuine LOL -very good M_D

    Seriously, a few red coated ARRSErs would be most welcome
  5. But we aren't to know how many there are at the moment at any rate.
  6. [​IMG]

    What else could they be looking at

    The codger on the left is clearly saying "Look at the state of that! her collar and cuffs dont match"

    Caption Competition anyone
  7. "Sarge....the enter buttons just there..... Sarge? Sarge! Wake Up!.....Oh Gawd.....I think his tickers given out! NURSE? NURSE!"
  8. Ok ok the one on the far right sitting down is clearly saying "jesus...ti.tty...fcuking...christ "
    Loving his expression!!
  9. Royal Hospital lap-top function keys

    Alt-shift-right Raises right cheek for controlled fart
    Alt-shift-left Raises left cheek for controlled fart
    Ctrl-Esc Drains colostomy bag

    Ctrl-shift-f Wheelchair forward
    Ctrl-shift-End Wheelchair stop
    Ctrl-shift-pause Wheelchair mark time