Chelsea Pensioners get robbed!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. I m overseas at present just caught the news on MSN about Chelsea pensioners losing 6000 grand! I m IT incompentent to put the link on. Follow Desktopcommando's link!! (To all you search freaks) could nt find any post on this, ( im sure i will be enlightend!!FFS)

    When I get back I will be sending a case of scotlands finest to our older ex colegues and if Porridge Gun & the team are up for it, $150 (quid) shall come your way.

    Even though we could fantisize about what ARRSE Law we could empose and the punishments inflicted by our resident sickos if the cnuts get caught, I hope we can chip in a bit.
  2. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    Sunday night , lager than normal takings ? an enclosed community ... bet it turns out to be an inside job. If it wasn't they should be ashamed of 'emselvs what wiv all the skills those lads have between em ... better than colditz the Royal Hospital is . Bless .em
  3. Motherfucking degenerate fucking scum!! They'll get 8 months and a bastard playstation if the Met can be arsed to do anything about it, cunts
  4. Lower than a snakes arse
  5. If the buggers get caught, how about shipping them to a far flung place, where the sun is hot, sewing them into a hi-vis vest with "British Army" emblazoned on it and then kicking them out of the compound gates... That would be justice for the b@llbags.
  6. That's despicable. The RBL club in Cumbernauld was robbed on Thursday night and that was bad enough, but the Chelsea pensioners is just a bridge too far. I hope they catch the culprit and make them have face to face reparation. Let the pensioners give them what for!!
  7. I know one of the C.P's! He would have given them a left, then a right, then put his pint down and chased them away!! Back in the day..
  8. Don't the Chelsea Pensioners do Guards like the rest of the Army, then?
  9. You are a Fool.
  10. The probable drug taking, and filthy mindless pond life that did this, have not a shred of respect, compassion or gratitude towards people who are immeasurably better than themselves. If they ever get caught, which is highly unlikely, I hope that they are well and truly taken apart by some of the the other prisoners that do respect old soldiers.
  11. I thought it was funny
  12. So who was attacked and robbed then?
  13. As it is more likely to be a Pensioner, a member of Staff or a Guest, where exactly is it you get off?
  14. The report said taken from a safe. If the safe was locked then the insurance company should pay out up to the safe's limit (and police should be looking at the key holder). If it was left unlocked then sorry it is a case of getting what you deserve. Noble though the Royal Hospital is as an organisation the care of money applies to them as much as anyone else