Chelsea fan started blaze by burning Man U teddy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blogg, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. No doubt seemed like a really good idea at the time.

    Chelsea fan started blaze by burning Man U teddy

    AN AVID Chelsea fan who caused a huge blaze when he torched a Manchester United teddy bear is set to avoid a jail sentence.

    Ricky Webster appeared before Judge Richard Hayward at Lewes Crown Court last week and was told his "stupid prank" did not justify a prison sentence.

    The court heard the 22-year-old, who admitted arson at a previous hearing, was drinking alcohol with friends outside his house in Broadfield when he set light to the teddy bear and caused a nearby car to go up in smoke.

    The damage caused to the car has been estimated at £2,000.

    Roger Booth, prosecuting, said: "He took it into his head to go into the house and get his housemate's Manchester United teddy bear. Once he was outside,he put the teddy bear on the floor and set light to it. The teddy bear ended up in nearby bushes and a car went up in flames.

    "He says he went into the house to get a bucket of water to put the blaze out. He did a lot of damage to the car."

    The court was told last Friday how two children watched the horror unfold in Bluebell Close on April 21.

    One child claimed to see Webster light the teddy bear with a cigarette.

    Guy Russell, defending, said: "Mr Webster accepts responsibility of his reckless actions but he did run in and out of his house to get water in an attempt to put the fire out."

    Judge Hayward adjourned the case when he heard another man accused of pouring petrol on the teddy bear after it had been lit is due to stand trial for arson on November 12.

    Judge Hayward said: "This was extremely stupid and reckless behaviour but it does not justify a prison sentence."

    Standing in the dock in a black suit, Webster spoke only to confirm his name and address.
  2. I thought Sheringham had finished playing for Man U years ago and played for Colchester now. :wink: