Chelsea Barracks to be sold

Just heard on BBC Radio 5.

Dr John Reid, Defence Secretary announces the planned sale of Chelsea Barracks for £215m. Site will be a residential development.
Residential my arrse. It's just off Sloane Square. Expect £3-4 million flats to be built and baught up by property sharks rather than the affordable housing that John Reid's announcement implies. Apparently the commute from Woolwich (where the 2 PD Coys from Chelsea and the Line Bn from Hounslow are going) is now in easy commuting distance because of the conjestion charge. Obviously written by some muppet who has never tried getting through the blackwall tunnel in rush hour.


f***kin typical Labour cuts, who votes for a military coup??
This scum would sell the familly silver off, for what? to pay for some consultants in the NHS or some diversity monitors or better still give the money to Africa

I hope they do better job on the shower for the new flats than they did in the accommodation, where the drains were level (or seemingly above) the shower floor. Seeing three or four blokes with mops and brushes pushing water always gave a laugh. Pushing treacle uphill might have been easier, but then you'd need a shower afterwards, and then ....

I also hope they keep the historical sites within the barracks, like the chapel, the JRC, the Pol point, oh - and the square. I bet the walls, fences, and gates get a preservation order so that the site will be a 'gated' community with consequent increase in site's value.
the plan to sell Chelsea barracks has been in the pipeline for a number of years guys ...

proposed by the last conservative government.

you know ... the ones who flogged just about everything not bolted down in this country, generally to mates, through mates at knock down prices.

there all as bad as each other.


Totally agree, its Coup time!!!
I love this idea that living in Chelsea is in any way analagous to living in....Woolwich. Go MoD spokesman, GO!

Instant history for Neue Arbeite, but the number of references to Woolwich station in the BBC page suggests the guys will all be shacked up on platform 3.

I've heard of Woolwich Garrison, and the Barracks Woolwich, but never 'Woolwich Station' - wtf is going on?.

And this tosser (sorry, spokesman) saying that the Army's links will be as strong as ever 'when the RA leaves' - can he not hear himself?. Can Vegetius advise on respective murder rates re 'quality of life' for families, and how many died in Chelsea bombings, against Woolwich bombings.

Lying cnuts - why should a serving soldier be speaking untruths for Bliar & Co?.
Doc2B said:
Just heard on BBC Radio 5.

Dr John Reid, Defence Secretary announces the planned sale of Chelsea Barracks for £215m. Site will be a residential development.
Someone in FRY should ask him why, if cuts are so important is the MoD crashing out for him and his wife to visit the Balkans in a few weeks time. Anything to sell off out there?


War Hero
JuniorBod said:
Of the 215 Million price tag ... 200 has already been spent, and what a surprise......... not on us.
Possible contribution to the 2012 Farce Fund ? I wonder!
Its all a long term plot to get army bases beyond the city walls. Monarchs/Dictators/Smary pseudo -democrat types hate the idea of military types (armed) within range. Questionable loyalty, see.

Look at the Moscow example-before it went pear shaped for the Coup Plotters the army had no units based within the city boundaries. They took ages to get there, all the while working out which way to turn. By the time they showed up their bosses had decided to go with the antis and it folded. Suppose they had been on the streets from the get-go? Major cities around the worl are devoid of army bases generally (some exceptions, obviously. Pentagon is pretty huge) None within Paris, would'nt have it. Only Lahndan supposedly for 'ceremonial reasons' but these were a consequence of the Gordon Riots 18th century (?) but they maintain the 'guard' functions (Palace, Tower, Whitehall) and only stopped doing the one at the Bank of England in the 70's.

Shameless silver selling, or undermining the ability of the Monarch to call on the one gang she can count on, that will look after Her Maj if it all goes off?

Hmmmm. The Coup may be upon us sooner than you think. Led by Tony and his (armed, numerous) pals in blue.....? :wink:

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