Cheif joseph thread cut?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by thegimp, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. Was the Chief joseph thread chopped,

    it doesn't appear anywhere in the arrshole and doesn't appear on my posting history in my account.

  2. hardly a surprise is it?
  3. probably because it was shite.
  4. Shows how far up that kids arrse some of you are, he's a troll, all be it a "nice" troll,

    A bit of criticism and a couple of negative opinions and its cut

    Why wasn't it sent to the arrsehole? If it was that objectional (Which it wasn't)

    If I've broken any forum rules I suggest you PM me and explain what they were.

    Its a big bad world out there, He appears to have a deep understanding of how it goes round, let him take the rough with the smooth
  5. what a load of ARRSE your talking gimp, the lads not a troll and it should be obvious even to a fully fledged window licker like yourself that publishing personal details including photos as Trip did and inviting all and sundry to have a go, goes against basic site policy.
  6. I would suggest that the number of links the little fella did to his own sites/published articles/charity reports etc would null and void that particular argument armchair

    I think it was a bit of a shock for some of you to actually see how young this bit of skin is

    Continue blowing smoke up his arrse by all means

    "Fully fledged window licker" excellent stuff
  7. Yes, the thread was going downhill in a hurry.

    What exactly has he done to deserve this sort of treatment? He has been up-front about who/what he was fron the start. He hasn't been a Walt or misrepresented himself at any point and he has repeatedly visibly gone out of his way to avoid offending anyone. It's a discussion forum and he's entitled to an opinion like anyone else.

    He's bright, articulate and a lot more mature than most Arrsers (myself included) in that he ALWAYS stays on the subject at hand and doesn't get personal. He's done no harm to anyone. If anyone's upset that he has made better points than them, that's their problem, not his.

    If he's wrong about anything he says, by all means set him straight; but wailing on a high school kid just because he's bruised an ego or two by being smarter than you is the sign of a very small-minded person who has major insecurities about their own abilities. He's interested and enthusiastic about what the armed forces do and how they do it at a time when most Arrsers are moaning about "fcuking civvies" and their ignorance and/or lack of concern for what HMF is going through.

    I don't want Arrse to become a youth club any more than anyone else, and although I (regretfully) gave him a harder time than most at first, he's more than adequately demonstrated that he's bright enough to play at (or indeed above) our level, so how about we stop being a bunch of cnuts and give him a fair crack of the whip?
  8. Gimp - why not just ask me - I removed it after all - rather than posting this inane nonsense, or is it trollism? How ironic.

    You should know that posting personal details is against ARRSE policy.
  9. That's a very aggresive tone - why would anyone have to PM you to explain themselves?


  10. Not the slightest bit agressive BFG

    Crabtastic you can write my next report!!

    This isn't some bitter and twisted personal vendetta, Its pointing out the spell some of you appear to be under

    CJ claims he doesn't take notice of journalism or media and justifies arguments based on what "His friends" in iraq/afghanistan see/do/think

    That alone means he lacks perspectivity

    He moves smoothly through threads, picking up the general feeling of the majority and steps in to agree or concur.

    Rarely does he push past platitude or cliche or set up a strongly opposing view,

    If put in a position where he has to justify a stand point he moves into the
    "Awe shucks, I'm only a kid, don't know nothing" back down,

    This gives everyone a warm feeling that,

    1. They are right
    2. They are right and this kid is deferrential/respectful of their view/opinion/experience
    3. What a great kid, knows his place but soldiers on

    On every op tour you've ever been on there are camp dogs, that snaggly pack of bum dragging puppies that hang around the gate, innocent naive bundles of fun, getting fed scraps, having their tummies tickled and making the Toms feel warm inside,

    There is always some arrsehole, who shoo's them away, chucks stones at them and refuses to feed them

    One day the Drain sniffers come round and sign off on your fluffy friends for HSE reasons

    Everybody is sad, But its the real world, not everything is rosy and warm

    Life moves on

    Chief Joseph is that puppy

    I'm the arrsehole shoo'ing him away

    Who are the warm hearted Toms

    If that makes no sense whatsoever please do not hesitate to pm me your questions, alternatively get an opinion off Chief Joseph
  11. Well said gimp.