Hi all, just wondering if we currently have chefs (in any force) active on this forum?
As i'm looking to join up as an already "qualfied chef" and would like their views on:
recruits as chefs
Fresh food and own planning



Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
You will probably be better advised to find a different trade. I have recently been talking to a few mates still serving and the chef trade looks likely to be disbanded in the not to distant future. As far as I'm aware most chef's are looking to retrade, rather than leaving the Army.

But then again, there has always been talk of this happening.
You watch ready steady cook, master chef etc?

You're a civvy chef as it is?

You're a bubble dancer who gets to peel carrots and the honeymoon period hasn't worn off yet.

The Chef you trained under never hit you hard enough with the big soup ladle.

Don't be bloody daft.

Army Chefs will Cook your Socks - swap the S and C...
Yeah, man!

What the fcuk army chefs know about cooking and recipes?

Get a grip!
What has knowing about cooking and recipes got to do with knowing about being a Chef in the Army? Anyone can learn to cook, what knowledge does that give them of the role of a combat sloppy?

If you want to know about a career or trade, ask in the right forum, and you are more likely to get the advice required.

Please extract your head from your rectum!
...extract head from rectum and reserve any liquor in a Norwegian bottle and add coffee granules, golden vegetable soup powder and dried milk and sugar in equal proportions. Add boiling water. Shake fiercely to combine partially these ingredients. Mark prominently with "TEA". Serve to thirsty, tired, cold people.
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