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Chefs Privileges and quirky habits

Only if you’re one of the 21 Engrs chefs in the late 90’s in Osnabruck, who got caught by the Orderly Officer one cold early morning. Trousers round his ankles blasting into the breakfast beans.
Apparently he’d been doing it for months and months. Big list of OOs in the poo for not bothering to inspect the kitchen or Duty Chef at half 4 in the morning.
I didn’t know someone could get charged, kicked out and sent back to the UK as a civvy so quick. Less than 24 hours and that guy was toast
I bet there was a loada people after his neck. Even if you don't like beans, you can still ask what else he has tossed off into. Do you like stew, mashed spuds, custard, mushy peas, mince, gravy, rice pud, curry, or scrambled eggs?

A year or two ago, a Royal Navy recruit was kicked out for wanking into a room mate's pillow slip. It was one one of the docus about RN basic training. He was barred from re-enlisting for two years, but after writing a letter of apology, this was reduced to 1 year. I don't know which trade he was going in as, but if he has rejoined, I hope he isn't a chef.

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