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Hi im away in feb as a chef, any chefs here can tell me what is like. Was just speaking to a mate an he said you hate it you work all day you wont get your 2days off a week plus you'll take lots of shit from ******** squaddies. Is this the what its like? rather no before i join
Bet you fail your trade part. If you don't you'll be the first one ever to have passed.
Right who called me a Cnut?

What to expect as an Army Chef. Well for starters WE ARE Some of highest paid people in the Army. The rest of them hate this. Also we give you some good Qualifications, NVQ's, CIEMH right up to the Degree in Food and Hospitality Management. Time off? We work hard and play hard. Yes you do work some shit shifts, no one is going to hide that fact. But there are also the good times.

If you want to be in the Army and a Chef then this is the trade for you. Also Chefs in Civvy street work a lot more shitier hours than we do. look at the end of the day, If you dont want to, dont bother. We are doing OK at the moment for numbers.

Is this a Wah? You would know all this from your ACIO/AFCO.
Grow a very thick skin is my only advice, Chefs come in two sizes as far as I have seen
Either totally spot on or complete knobs, fortunatly the latter are few and far between.
Pi$$ taking aside, chefs are a force multiplier in my 20+ years experience and the envy of most other Armies - especially the Yanks. Never under-estimate the value of a hot egg banjo at 3am when coming off patrol.

Go for it, if you maximise the opportunities the trade presents then there are of lots of benefits (as is the case in many other trades/capbadges to be honest). Be aware however that the trade is about to reduce, I don't know much of the detail of impact on promotion etc I suggest you speak to the CRLO at Deepcut.
what does that mean for chefs if they getting reduced? would still keep job an stuff yeah? i heared they want to bring in civvies for few reasons one being they aint enough chefs in army hugh shortage but its the exact same in civvy street short of chefs everwere.
muzza6984 said:
what does that mean for chefs if they getting reduced? would still keep job an stuff yeah? i heared they want to bring in civvies for few reasons one being they aint enough chefs in army hugh shortage but its the exact same in civvy street short of chefs everwere.
No shortage of Army chefs at present. Trade is nearly at 100% manning.


Bollocks I thought this would be a thread giving tips for xmas dinner. Goose fat for roasties? Best bangers for pigs in blankets.

That sort of stuff.
muzza6984 said:
come on come on come on!!!!
You may need to improve your written English skills (if only to write-out menus). The overall nunbers of chefs employed within the Army are likely to reduce and consequently promotion rates will differ from today and the way they are employed will also probably change. However they will still be cooking somewhere. There aren't significant chef shortages on ops as the big camps are being supported by contractors with military chefs working out of FOBs. Chefs are still being recruited and will continue to be so in the future. If you are in Phase 1 at present speak to your Sgt or Lt to get objective advice on trades if you didn't pay attention during the various briefs. Go to Worthy Down on your week 7 visit if you haven't done it yet. I'm not a chef but support what tigerchef and MS164 said, you get out what you put in all aspects of the military and as a chef you get the opportunity to serve with all sorts of units worldwide.
grumpyoldb said:
How do you chef a fried egg and frozen chips, ffs?
Takes a lot of practice. Heat the oil until it is about to catch fire, throw in egg (with bits of shell). Wait until the outside develops a black skirt and the middle is stil raw. Take out the chips from the hotplate that have been in there for 30 minutes.

Easy :thumright:


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During the summer and winter Ball seasons the hours can be pretty long. But on a plus side, you get early shifts that knock off after lunch and if you get to the right sort of Regt, you will rarely go on ex. On tour you will be doing all the learning of the trade, so don't forget to take your NVQ booklet with you.

The only thing that really griped me, was being the last to go on leave and having to be back first. As the singlies would want their lunch before they headed home and dinner when they got back.
It is a good trade to get into and if you are good you can progress quite quickly through the ranks, but as was said earlier, as a trade it is most probably going to be downsized some time in the future. But there was talk of this back in 96 and it hasn't happened yet.
cool, well see if they do end up down sizing the chefs. I take it you would always keep your job once you have it, would nt get paid off or something. Will i struggle then to get any good promotion? As i want a career out of army an work my way up the ranks.
Before the age of the TV Chef, Apprentice trained army chefs were classed as the Best in any armed forces ,even civvy chefs were soundly beaten in world class Catering competitions such as Hotelympia in London and Le Salon de Culinaire in Paris, of course there were a lot of bovril burners turned out too :p but many regts held on to their good chefs and got rid of tossers pretty quick , dont know how it is in todays army kitchens,but many are still haunted by the ghosts of legends such as TimBest , John King, and of course the butlins boys of the late 50,s, the ACC is sadly no more!!but our abuse never went unpunished :twisted:
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