Discussion in 'RLC' started by smileyriley, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Good afternoon,

    I am in need of some advice. I have read thread after thread and have a few unanswered queries I’d appreciate if you could answer.

    I am interested in becoming a chef.
    Firstly, what is the cooking like – is it varied/feature differing cuisines, fresh produce or from frozen, from scratch, and without offending, is it nice?
    Is there an opportunity to have an input on menu suggestions or is it set by those higher up?
    Does the budget heavily limit what can be offered?
    Is the training on par with that outside the forces – if I ever came to leave, would it stand me in good stead to either gain employment or open my own establishment?
    And what duration is the training?
    Does anyone know what the work schedules look like – a big benefit of joining up would be the sport and fitness provision, so I was wondering if the shifts interfere with participation.
    Finally, the RAF has opened recruitment. What would you say are the main differences between them and the Army, and which would you advise as the best option. I’m assuming the army specialise more in field catering?

    I understand that opinions will vary between services, but any advice would be appreciated.
    I have looked through countless threads and asked the advice of my local recruiter, but his responses were extremely limited as he had no experience or knowledge beyond the job description.

    Thank you for your time, I apologise for the number of questions and anything else you may deem appropriate would be appreciated,
  2. Not a Chef myself but have had decent scoff prepared by them in various shitholes around the world and I can think of very few instances where they have disappointed, so toques off to them.

    Not conviniced that cooking next to the ammo bunker was the brightest idea :)


    Army chefs scoop 11 awards at national cookery competition - British Army Website

    Expect plenty of tired old cliches to be posted in response to your query though.
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  3. Three reasons not to be an army chef;

    1. Army catering has done little to develop the skills of young chefs since the introduction of PAYD. The variety of food and ingredients with which you can work is shocking, leaving a trade which isn't half as good on the stoves as it used to be.

    2. The security of the job itself will always be on rocky ground as long as civilian chefs can do the job when on ops, as shown by several other nations.

    3. The crack of your arse will develop into its own ecosystem.

    Be a chef in civvy street if you want to be a chef. If you want to join the army, I'd recommend considering other trades first.
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  4. Talking of ex-Army chefs,G**** A**** has just been awarded the MBE.Well done.Or is it Rare?