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Ok, may get some stick for his, but I'm thinking of transfering to the chef trade, even before the /combat chefs' doco was screened recently. Id like some views from serving chefs on what they it a dying trade with the influx of civies working for the army, or a good job with life skills in the kitchen to enhance?

Happy to hear sensible advice. Im a pet op at the moment and would like a change.
Why would 'getting stick' worry you? You're a shaggin' Pet Op for Christ's sake.

Are you sure they'll have you?
BIPOLAR77 said:
You wont pass the course - none of them have
B'dum, chuussh.
Speak to your RCMO. Currently undermanned at LCpl rank. There has been an influx of Gurkhas transfering to try and plug some of the gaps.

We are not a dying trade we are merely having to evolve like most others in the Army (we haven't had a change of trade name yet to 'sex it up' Rad Op's hold yourhead in shame!!!!!)

It ain't easy but then being a Pet Op isn't either. You would have to be prepared to be more flexible than you would ever believe particulalry in a PAYD unit of which some are bad but some are particularly good in depends on the personalities involved.

You would have to start by doing your Defence Chef Basic course at the Defence Food Services School which will be at Worthy Down from end of Jan 09. Once you have done that you would go to a unit (you can servce pretty much any where with any type of formation; which is one of the challenges). You would then undertake your NVQ level two which is done concurrently with your Class two upgrade, the unit based work should be completed within 1 year unless you are not committed and then it will take considerably longer.

Hope this helps; should you want anything more them PM me.


So is the course no longer done at Aldershot?..I mean phase 2s that do the course go there as far as I know, for the trade training or phase 2 training.Or is this changing?
How long you been in for a start??
Rather than job change have you thought about going out of trade??

Edited to clarify
Sorry edited above to clarify!!
:roll: What!! No Apprentice Chef Wing out there anymore :cry: no more Top Chefs , Conditors, or Patissieres being trained any more.contrary to the popular idea of cook till Black and srape to required colour, In the late 50,s early60.s Apprentice chef wing used to take all the Top Awards in Hotelympia and Le Salon de Culinaire catering competions. Producing such Masters of their Trade As David Dodds, Neil M. Smith,and backbones of the Corp such as Piggy Drewett and Tom Sillett ex apprentices who went onto become staff officers, even simle coolies like myself who prepared the odd meal for Liz and phil at Royal Ascot 8)

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