Cheesy Saluting Moments

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by FNU_SNU, Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. I am struck by how often Hollywood finds it necessary to conclude military movies with a cheesy saluting scene. Two favourites are:

    1. The conclusion of A Few Good Men when Tom Cruise says to one of the perps, "You don't have to wear a badge to have honour". The perp turns and says, "There's an officer on deck, ten-hut". They salute, hatless and choking back the mutual admiration.

    2. The penultimate scene of Courage Under Fire where Denzel Washington puts his gong on the pilot's tombstone, salutes and does one of those girly about turns.

    There must be more.
  2. The new TV series 'POW', where a Flight Sergeant (with unrealistically long hair) walks in to an office sans hat, salutes and says 'Flight Sergeant XXX reporting, Sir.'
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    The 1st or 2nd episode of series 2 of that SAS meets Eastenders thing when the rupert insists that the scotsman pops one up for him, so he duly does sans that ever so coveted beret.
  4. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Cheesy Salute numero uno has to be Rimmers from Red Dwarf. I doubt if anyone can come up with a more brown-nosing salute that his triple cricle and wave at his right eyebrow. :D :mrgreen:
  5. The Eastenders-SAS thing again when the troop who were playing rugby all saluted the outgoing Lt who'd been sacked.
  6. Jim Davidson on the Festival of Remembrance..........
  7. Muckster at pay parade during basic training
  8. Every single USAF policeman on duty at every single USAF base. Rimmer? Not even in contention.
  9. I concur with Whiskybreath. The USAF Security Police, who do a nice line in velcro'd cravats, made me think that I had stumbled upon an outbreak of Jacksonian epilepsy the first time I saw them. Subsequently I realised that they were just knobbers.
  10. Not sure if they are 'cheesey' but they made me laugh.

    Depot Para in 1983 a recruit running at 100mph from block to NAAFI sees an officer come round the corner, panics and while still sprinting flips up a salute..... :lol: Officer returns a salute with mouth wide open as recruit shoots past and up the steps into the building........still makes me laugh thinking about that.

    Second one was in Bulford on a bright winters morning as the sun came up behind the camp a group of us were reporting to the stores when we see an officer coming 'out of the sun' so to speak, swing one up as you do, bloke behind us still hungover doesn't see the officer but knows someones there so put both hands up to shield the sun from his eyes and looks like hes saluting with both hands............officer thinks he is taking the piss and rips into him.....funny as fcuk :lol:
  11. A Rock ape at RAF Wildenrath in the 70's who had the preverbial fcuk off tatto'd down from the tip of his ltlle finger to his wrist on his right hand! :D
  12. Good one at BLMF, (hotbed of officers expecting to be saluted regardless of headdress or the fact that they were too hung-over to shave/get dressed/look like an Officer), was as follows:

    When walking abreast, all brace up, (see expectation on Officers face).
    Man on right brings up right arm in salute, (Officer begins to respond).
    Simultaneously Man on right also brings up left arm, so appearing that it belongs to man to his left. Man to left also salutes with left arm etc, etc...

    Done quickly enough in poor light the end result is a bemused officer standing forlornly in the middle of the road. He knows that, apart from fact only chap on right should have saluted, something, somewhere is amiss with the world, and it will bother him for the rest of the day.

    We enjoyed it, anyway.
  13. Course of young to be REME VMs being marched around SEME under the leadership of the 'course senior' (a scouse bloke who was 'senior' because he had a heavy 5 O'Clock shadow) About half way we were pulled up by an over enthusiastic young subbie in civvies who wanted to know why he had not been saluted.

    says subbie. "Don't you know I am an Officer ? "

    Says scouse geezer "Yes Sir. Very sorry Sir - thought you were outside the regulation saluting distance". At which point he throws up a fcuk off 'Rimmeresque' salute.

    The Subbie - clearly bemused and cuffudddled (at the same time) throws one up himself and stammers "Carry on". We marched off p!ssing ourselves laughing.

    As for more cheese - The saluting practices of Swedecon in UNFICYP bordered on the bizarre at times, A night time rifle salute with a lit rag tied to the muzzle for all UN vehicles using the road that went through Turksville :?: :?:

    Just off thread I know but the Scouse Course Senior from above was the same bloke who got up at a strip show in Martinique Barracks - He was loving it until they took his keks off and he stood there in front of 300 whooping squaddies wearing his issue 'Draws Cellular - Mans Green" :oops: :oops:
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Independance Day: After the Presidents speech, the cheezy yank civvy salute, all quivering lip and misty eye!
  15. Civvy's that Lynda La Plante thing about a load of ex paras.

    Taffy gets nicked and is marched to the gate of the camp where he has been found running aound in his old uniform out of his mind with traumatic postal order syndrome.

    The rest of the lads line up and salute him as he gets nicked by the waiting civy police for killing his wife.