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Cheesy Beans on Toast

"Cheesy beans on toast make an ideal New Year Breakfast. Great for settling a hangover. What did you have, with whom, and where?"

discuss...... :twisted:


chicken kiev butties - one with brown sauce and one with salad cream.

mid afternoon breakfast of idle buggers
Full English, followed by a full Norwegian , :wink: :D

Breton proverb : "Bramm hep trouz na c'hwezh, a zo labour difrouezh" : "A flatulence which is neither noisy nor stinky is a useless job".

HURRAH 300 today :lol:
what a crap topic, was this meant to be interesting....

"what did you have for breakfast" who fùcking cares?


I didn't have any breakfast, as I was unconscious until about 3pm. Then puked, then ate two McDonalds meals. Then right as rain.
"GEGS",Smoked Salmon,Melba toast washed down with chilled Champagne followed by strong black coffee & cognac prior to stepping out into the crisp frosty morning for a brisk stroll in the woods
Eggy bread with Maple cured bacon between each slice of bread and smothered in Maple Syrup.......................

Getting all hard thinking about it...........

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