Cheesiest RIP Posts.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fallschirmjager, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Well it had to be done by someone! Anyway. There are obviously quite a few grief ghouls on ARRSE who dream up some right shite in my opinion. Nothing wrong with a RIP to respect the fallen but some people just have to take it too far don't they!

    Well i'll start off with this little beauty!

  2. Here lies poor Reni
    He was full of life
    Now he hasn't any

    Sorry, I made that up because I'm a tw@
  3. Are you on the pop at 8:38 am ? :D

    I stood by your grave as they lowered you slowly,

    sobbing my heart out over the tenner you owed me .. :(
  4. I don't know about posts , but I feel sick every time some Government cnut says in Parliment how sorry he/she is about another soldiers death
  5. That is so moving,I have tears running down my leg

    poor Reni,I miss him allready :)
  6. Have you killed me off you b*stards ?

    Off to Valhalla for me then....can I have a clown at my funeral ? And dont forget to line the street with complete strangers and yank tourists :D
  7. I like this one:



  8. I don't think you do feel sick. You may think 'This cunt is talking bollocks' but I really don't think you feel sick physically or mentally.
  9. That doesn't rhyme. Drongo :wink:

    What flowers would you like hurled at your hearse? Gladioli? Taped to a brick, perhaps?
  10. Yes, quite. Its good to get comment on toe curlingly emotional statements froma man who's signature is:

    "On a cold winter night
    in a Belfast street
    I became to(sic) well acquainted with death".

    You're the biggest grief whore here. Shame you didn't become TOO well aquainted with death.
  11. Just down the road from where I live in Gosport there was a double stabbing, two men dead and all very tragic. BOO..HOO.

    It has since transpired that they were both major league drug-dealers, that it was a deal gone south and as a result they both got the good news and went to the great crack factory in the sky.

    GREAT thinks I, two less of the blood sucking leeches to prey on our kids. NO!!!! Think the good residents of Gosport as they lay a flower and teddy-bear memorial that stops the traffic and would have Princess Di spinning on her fcuking island.

    Lets get this into proportion you tossers!! It's not a repatriation at WB....itt's two lowlifes killing each other other a wrap of H. Now lets get on with some proper policeing down here, fcuker down the end of the road has no tax on his car.......

    Dreading the funeral....I'd put the fckers in a wheelie bin.

  12. That is a classic, I'm filling up now :cry:
    Or is the PTSD coming on :twisted:
  13. Reni.......... gone.........

    I'm only up £100 :p
  14. Course it rhymes you sperm ! It is a classical piece of West Yorkshire poetry !

    F*ck flowers, just sling rolled up balls of tissue soaked in Pussers Rum ta :)