Hi folks just a quick request for advice

I was given a bit of blue cheese over christmas

and on investigating today found that it is well past its sell by date

so how do I tell which of the blue viens are good and which are bad?

Thanks in advance for your considered response


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If you eat it you will soon find out. Voila. HTH.
Don't look at the blue part, as this will remain blue! The white/cream/slightly yellow part of the cheese is the part that will provide a suitable indicator of the edible status of the cheese.

If it's white, the cheese is good.

Google is your freind!
But surely if it is sprouting hairs and seems to be sliding around on the cheeseboard it is technically "alive"

So what then would be the most humane way to dispatch it?

I have a cheese board, cheese curvy knife, several carrs water biscuits, some crackers and a glass of red wine

oh yes and some grapes


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Is it furry all over? Is it furry in places? If not it is good to eat. If it has fur cut it off and eat the rest no probs.
Waste not want not.

Or else use it to make a blue cheese sauce for steaks....dammit - I'm feeling peckish now...



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Do not encourage the cunt. Next thing you know it'll be "Oh, I have lost the instructions for my fondue set".
mmmm, fondue. I wonder if the Inebriated Newt is stll going in Battersea? A choice of cheese, meat or chocolate fondues. You could always tell if a girl was going to be "good" by the way she ate the strawberries dipped in melted choccy.
Any blue cheese is wrong.........


Any blue cheese is wrong.........
Get back to your "Dairy Lea" peasant. I bought a huge chunk of Dolcelatta about three weeks ago. I discovered it this morning lurking behind a plastic bag of spuds. I took some of it to work and had it with fresh bread and cherry toms. I`m still breathing.

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