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Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

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What can you expect from a country where 1/3 of the population want Iraq to win?  

Still, they have never had any morals when it comes to international (or, come to that, internal) politics :mad:

In fact, they haven't got any morals at all.

Utterly spineless and despicable B*stards.


And I thought the Iraqis were bad enough wrecking the CWGC cemeteries in Baghdad and Basra.

Unbeleiveable- That they can desecrate a Cemetery of servicemen that fell defending their territory against an aggressor!

Having been a regular WW1 battlefield tourer, I will take great pleasure of reminding the French of their behaviour in Etaples. I only hope those who did it are found and flogged.

I found it staggering that people cannot find other ways of expressing an opinion, these are places relatives come to honour their family and to see it defaced like this is beyond the Pale.

Bring back Henry V!

This says it all

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