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No I think more how very DeGaulle
Conrad_Cock said:
No I think more how very DeGaulle
It is well documented that De Gaulle was an idiot and a bully, but there were all sorts of problems in the French forces at that time, The units that had supported De Gaulle and the Free French were hated by Units that had supported the Vichy Government, in the resistance the same thing was going on between the communists and the Gaulleists so getting rid of the British training people does not come as to much of a shock
Conrad_Cock said:
No I think more how very DeGaulle
Seconded; de Gualle was a cnut.

IIRC, he made a statement at the end of the war about France being freed by the French people alone, without help, or words to that effect.

Merde. :roll:


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Yeah, he was a t0sser.
I read somwhere that the British realy thought of doing "A Sikorsky" on the ungratefull cnut, I think it was in "The Allenbrooke Diaries"
One of Churchill's bon mots sums up De Gaulle very nicely:

"Of all the crosses I bear, the heaviest is the cross of Lorraine".

If you look at the shinnanegins going on in North Africa following the TORCH landings, it was very touch and go whether De Gaulle would remain as leader of the Free French. With a little alleged assitance from us, he was the only surviving main contender. Typically of De Gaulle, he showed his gratitude by rubbing our faces in the merde at every opportunity until his death.

IMHO nothing to do with him being French, everything to do with him being an egotistical cnut of the highest order.

Edited to add: Sorry, just realised this is in the NAAFI.

Fucking cunt, the only good thing about him is the large quantities of porn involving poodles and tortoises that he issued to all Free french troops. That and his collection of feltching straws. He was single handedly responsible for fuck all apart from wearing silly hats and being nasal.
It's odd that the story is 'surfacing' now. The whole exchange between Lake and De Gaulle was quoted in the Telegraph's excellent obit of our man back in June or July, I think, this year.
When you look at the mess de Gaulle inherited at the end of the war, you can see why he had to create a myth of unity, total resistance and self-liberation in order to move France on, dishonest and ungrateful as it was. Still a bit of a Charlie Uniform, notwithstanding, as shown in his Vive le Quebec libre stunt years later:ébec_libre

Pity the Canadian PM didn't nip over to France and give public support to the Corsican separatists in revenge, really.
Did De Gaulle not say to the Americans, I want all Americans of French soil, and the response (does this include the dead ones) which did shut him up, the ungrateful pr1ck

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