Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys Cote DIvoire

Not exactly Kelly's Heroes are they? 'I onlee ride zem I do not know what makes zem go'
'Ribbit, zat is my ozer frog impression' said Capitan Ball de Odd


"They were told to "Guard the bank", so they did, very carefully."

Obviously not that careful, coz they got caught! Still, French about par for the course!!!!!
sorry, ever so slightly off topic .... but in this weeks "mock the week"

people had to supply answers to the question "things you'll never hear a Frenchman say"

one answer was "well, the situation was desperate but we fought on anyway" :D
"as they liberated us in the war...of course we will go and help them!!"
"Your English cooking really is very good."
"We won" :lol: :lol:
where is the toothpaste ?
So let me get this straight....the french "peace keepers" are stealing money from those they are "protecting" and the UN "peace keepers" are raping those they are protecting, and the americans and allies are evil for having freed a country from a brutal dictator and funneled billions in aid into the liberated country :?

Maybe if I drink some more it will make sense; "nurse pass that bottle of french wine please."
De Gaulle to Johnson.

By the end of the year I expect every American soldier to have left French soil

Johnson to De Gaulle,

What even the dead ones?


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< sigh >

There's a bit of additonal coverage at

...but I still haven't figured out what unit these guys were with?

The majority of French people will assume they were Légion étrangère, shrug their shoulders and say

<< what would you expect ?>>

Le Chevre
ctauch said:
Maybe if I drink some more it will make sense; "nurse pass that bottle of french wine please."
FFS don't drink that ratspiss. Get some Australian, Chilean or even Californian, but leave that other kak for the frogs! :lol:
The prosecutor said on Tuesday that the men - aged between 20 and 35 - had besmirched the name of France on the international scene.
[verb] charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone; "The journalists have defamed me!" "The article in the paper sullied my reputation"
Synonyms: defame, slander, smirch, asperse, denigrate, calumniate, smear, sully

[verb] smear so as to make dirty or stained
Synonyms: smirch
How can you attack France's (not-at-all-)good name or stain their (dirty) reputation. The best anyone says about the Frogs nowadays is that they are "cheese-eating surrender monkies".

How much dosh has Chirac made out of sending in troops here and there, or letting contracts to Pals ?. Cnuts.
2 months to 1 year each!

That's pretty light sentencing for a high six figure bank job...that's, what? 12-15 years here??

Almost worth it if u can stash the cash

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