Cheese eating allies?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Obama doesn't like Britain, he thinks we are evil and tortured his grandaddy
  2. I'd like to see what the majority of the Americans think about this.
  3. I'm sure Jumpin Jarhead will be along soon and enlighten us!


  4. Lovely bed fellows. Perhaps HM Forces can now be relieved of Ops for a significant period of RR (or whatever it's called now)?
  5. That's what Obama says about any country whose leader is presently visiting the US. It's called "sucking up".
  6. Well leave them to it. It's not like the French to back a 'lemon' is it?
  7. They may well be .............Until the next war :-D
  8. I think Jagman put it square, Obama thinks his grandfather was tortured so doesnt like you. Mans a Moron but europe loves him, and so does the UK. He'll be damn lucky to be reelected here though.
    oh and never underestimate his suck up factor, if it were the president of Malawi visiting he would say the same thing
  9. A wife that'll he'll borrow you for ten lamberts and a can of vimto?
  10. Before he was elected I said he was another Tony Blair, I was wrong, he's an even bigger cunt.
  11. Is it pretty much a given that he won't be serving another term? He lost control of the senate lately did'nt he?

    Sorry my knowledge on U.S. politics is not my strong point.
  12. i really couldn't give a shit about the special relationship
  13. I think the worry would be who comes after Obama, can you imagine Sarah Palin in charge? Would be amusing for a short period before she nukes someone.