Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese!

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I've tried it. Well I've told her to leave my cheese alone.
She just gives me the look her mother gives me when I try to be masterful.


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New Zealand mature cheddar is (or was) rather good.
Living in ze vaterland now I have a large selection of cheese.
Mostly french or smoked bavarian though.


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With apologies to @AULD_SWEAT , Cheeses is resurrected.

This: Premium cheeses for every occasion.
They're all bloody lovely, but the original Black Bomber is the Daddy for me, being a lover of jaw-achingly strong Cheddar.

The pickle one is stunning toasted.
made a stones throw from me, bloody lovely, took the one with the whiskey blended in to my mates in that there England and it was all gone in 15 mins, truckle of B.Bomber in the fridge as I type
Away with Work this week, and just had the hotel cheese board - not a bad effort, as it is a cheeseboard for 1. Passable Chedder and Red Leister, and I even had the Brie (well the middle bit, the crusty bit on the edge makes me ill).

Favorite cheese? A nice strong smoked Chedder. Extra mature and Oak smoked for preference.
Caerphilly, Wensleydale, "proper" Cheshire, yes. Harder to find the proper stuff with these than it is with Cheddar. But when you do... Wensley all crumbly, with the salty whey between the bits...

Feck off Grommit, that's mine!
Indian cuisine values aroma, spice, & taste. But when it comes to cheese, what's on offer? Bloody paneer, which is bland, uninteresting and resists all attempts to make it taste of anything. Never understood that.

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