cheers lads

Passed selection yesterday and never been happier. Had a great time even though I couldn't sleep the days running up to heading up I was so nervous. But once I got there,got talking to some lads and after we finished everything some bonds had formed even though it was only a day. I'm really looking forward to basic and feel confident that I can work on my run time. Ran it in 9:31 which is a personal best.

Went there with the RAC MBT crewman as my job choice but was directed toward the household cavalry by the major and I'm even more excited now.

Thanks for all the advice about joining,the PM's with contact details and office whereabouts and all the pointers on various threads. All the best to anyone attending selection or even basic. Best advice you can get on is to just give it your absolute best and don't pussy around.

:D Thanks again lads!

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