Cheers Hitler!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spent_case, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Just watched old Fatty Moyles on 'Who do you think you are' Finding out his Great Grandad was a Mick killed fighting for the Brits in WW1. Got chatting with the Missus about the World Wars and weird shite.

    Turns out my Nan was married to a chap called Fred at the start of WW2 - he was killed in action in North Africa fighting Rommel and the Afrika Korps. His best pal, a fella called Jim survived the War, came home home, spent a lot of time with his oppos Widow and eventually married her. They then had little boy - My Dad.

    So in a bizarre way, I owe my life to the German Army. Any other Arrsers got strange tales of the World Wars???
  2. Yes indeed. My grand mother was a dirty slag who sold her minge to the US soldiers for chocolate and nylons. Hey Dad is born.

    The dirty minx!!
  3. Just found out that Hitler was having it of with my great gran when he lived in Liverpool while visiting his sister there In about 1908. Isn't life strange?
  4. My Grandad was a soldier already when WWII kicked off and spent virtually six years away in France, the desert and then the middle east. When he came home he started banging out kids with my Gran like it was going out of fashion, six years of miostly wanking will do that I guess. One of those kids was my mum.

    So in recognition of the fact that I probably wouldnt be here if my Grandad hadnt been away for all that time building up a fecking huge libido that resulted in a family of seven, and my mum ... Cheers Hitler !!
  5. My Grandads Zyklon B factory went out of business suddenly in 1945. Cheers Hitler! (you fcuking quitter!)
  6. My Uncle was in the desert with Monty, WW2. Came back after the war speaking excellent German. Danke, err, I mean thanks Hitler.
  7. I never knew my dad, he was in the war from the start. He nicked a plane in 1941 but crashed landed in England somewhere. (I think it was Scotland actually but me ma' never wanted to admit that she married a ginger haired fukwit from O'er Adrens wall). All she has told me is that I come from Officer Material and NOT the afore mentioned ginger haired fukwit. She claimed this ossifer threw one up her clack before being carted off by the bizzies.

    She did leave me a picture of pa' before leaving the house in a hearse which I thought was top notch of her but I was surprised when she made me sing "Deutschland Uber Alles " before passing wind,
    sorry, I mean passed away.

    If anybody recognizes him please let me know. I'd love to find out the adventures he must have had in the post war years.

  8. My Grandad was interned in Tunisa until 1947 after ditching in the Med early on. As a result, my Dad grew up not really knowing his father and didn't know how to deal with kids of his own when I came along.
    I had a crap childhood with little parental involvement except to belittle me and was forced to wear shorts until I was 23. Thanks Adi.
  9. Uncle Rudolf. You long lost cun.................................t

    Last I heard he joined a Swingers Club in Spandau 8O
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    My grandad was at Dunkirk and then most of the major battles throughout WW2
    He finished up a Captain at Nuremburg 1945

    20 years hard fukcing labour for just doing his duty - bast4rds (in his defence he said it was freezing in France during July '44 and he torched that village to provide fire for cooking etc)

    His brother died in Aushwitz ffs*

    He never even got that Beetle he ordered in '42 lost paperwork my arrse

    Cheers Hitler you mad fool

    * He fell out of a watchtower pissed

    Hat,coat ahh taxi

    My sig will give it away anyhoo
  11. My Dad came back from the Middle East in Spring 1942 back to India..... and me Brother was the result in early '43. Me Dad came back on leave in 1944 to India.... and I was the result in Spring '45...... My Dad was back home on on final leave in again early '46 in India... and me Sister came along in late '46....

    Thanks....... Mein he was knobfing Frau Braun in der Bunker mit der grossen stinken pimel in Der seiten shoe-ing mit enen grosse foote!!! :p :?

    Nichs verstehen, das is richtig, Nien????????
  12. Cheers Hitler,

    Fur die order of sheisse lots of mein steel fur panzers in 1936. Mein account in Switzerland is looking sehr gut. Shame you shooting yourzelf in die kopf in der Fuhrerbunker as i hat ein watch to say danke.

    Von Krupp.
  13. Grandfather lost a leg during WW2. (Not quite in some act of bravery on the front line, but dossing around tanks in Oxford and got his leg caught in between a track and sprocket, silly bugger). He ended up commanding desks rather than tanks so never saw action after that. Probably saved him as his unit (don't actually know which one) didn't fare too well on D-Day.

    I was told that he never really felt that he earned his Major due to this, but oh well, I'd surely not be here otherwise!
  14. Not a world war but my Uncle was the first soldier shot in Korea, he was a liney in the Sigs and was up a pole at the time. This may or may not be true, as he was p1ss3d when he told me, but he was shot in the thigh in Korea. Hence i joined as a Rad op.
  15. Me too, but in the previous War. My Grandmother married a chap who joined the Glosters in WW1. He bought the big one, and his best mate came home and married my Granny. We visited his grave in Abbeville a few years back -- it was oddly moving. If he hadn't died, my son and I wouldn't have lived. It felt like he was one of the family.

    I suppose I owe my life then to Archduke Ferdinand? Or should it be, the guy who shot him?!!