Cheers for that Gordon!

Gordon Brown announced this morning at the Labour Party Conf in Bournemouth that the Govt are offering a Council Tax discount to serving soldiers in Iraq and the Stan - so bloody what!

At best it is about £140 for a 6 mth tour to those soldiers that own their own house or those that are married in SFA and represents, according to sources (BBC/Govt), a 25% discount. Balls.

I live in SFA and pay £111 a month and when I lived in the Single Soldiers Accom I was paying only £30 a month. So in reality Gordon has paid for a Loaf of bread and a couple of pints a month for those lads and lasses slogging their guts out on Ops.

Of course it's all been done to keep the spotlight on Gordon and the public will again think the soldiers are getting a good deal, and obviously in the vain hope that it will bring him more votes from the military 'constituent'.

Oh and where does the money come from - you've guessed it, NEW LABOUR, NO NEW MONEY. The refund will have to be found from within the existing frail MOD budget. Utter ARRSE.

The flood gates are open - bring it on!
Careful, careful boys! I was almost taken in yesterday listening to G.B.´s speech, Didn’t that other bloke say as much,? Can´t remember his name now, something to do with education, education, education .Now what was his name? Did anyone see that tw*t crying his eyes out ? made me puck,

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