Cheers for Gordon Brown - boos for CMD and Boy George

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Best moment of the Games so far.
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  2. Anyone who would in all seriousness cheer Gordon feckin' Brown is either deluded or a total cretin. Do any of these monkeys have even the vaguest idea or memory of what this carpet-chewing lunatic got up to in 11 years as Chancellor? Leaving apart of course, what his parsimony towards and utter lack of interest in the Forces, led to in Iraq and Afghanistan? And it seems there are people on this site who admire him. Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable.
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  3. Can't stand Gordon Brown, most people can't.

    The current crop is making him look good though, which says more about them than him tbh.
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  4. Not at the special olympics it doesn't
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  5. Hard to be poupular AND sort out Neu Arbites (esp Gordo the Grates) epic fcuk up.
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  6. Not unbelievable I'm sorry to say. An example of how this country is run by total twats because Joe Public has been dumbed down and PR spinned until he doesn't know whether it's ******** or breakfast time.
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  7. I don't particularly like the current crop by any means, but short memories seem to be prevailing and its frightening to think we'll more than likely be back under a Labour government in the next couple of years.
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  8. There are parallels to be drawn:

    Gordon ( bats eye) Broon is speshul and yet fucked an entire nation!

    Boy George is speshul and would like to be fucked by the whole nation!

    CMD is just a ****!
  9. It's frightening just how f**king dumb the public are.
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  10. One eye good, two eyes bad.
  11. What about that nice Mr Blair, I liked him, that cheeky little smile and all those lovely promises........????
  12. I wonder how before G Brown is a guest on Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show, and all the comments will be on the lines of what a great PM/chancellor he was.
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  13. I didn't notice Cameron being booed yesterday tbh.

    As for Osborne. He plainly shouldn't hold the position he does, he only has it because he went to uni with CMD. As a result the country is suffering. He's ******* up the economy even more.
  14. Christ, is it Compulsory Ginger Day there or something? Not that I'm Gingerist, just that Boy Dave looks the odd one out.