cheers chav fcukwit

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Banshee_09, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. sorry just for rant purposes

    tonight some chav tw4t has decided that because he's had a few cans of lager or half a bottle of lambrini and a fight with his equally chav girlfriend that throwing a brick through my girlfriends car window would be a really good idea!!!!!

    and also a big thank you to the corner shop who insist on selling booze to these obviously underage fcuktards!!!!!

    so from now on, rather hugging a hoody, i'm going to be punching a hoody!!!!!

    rant off, but i'm still bloody annoyed
  2. Don't just sit there! Quick! Phone the police!

    They'll give you a crime number and solve all your problems.

    On a negative note it's a unsolvable crime and will f*ck up their stats.

    But its OK they'll just charge someone with driving whilst using an iPod to even out the stats.

    Problem solved!

    Victim support will then call you and offer you councilling, oh, and of course ask you those questions on your Nationality, ethnic group, sexuality.........ending with 'Are you satisfied with the police's response in this incident?'
  3. The police will do fcuk all, ID the little scrotes, kidnap them, torture them and peace will reign. I speak from experience.
  4. Jack, if i'd have caught the little barstewards they would be currently tied to a chair in my kitchen and being introduced to mr black and decker!!!
  5. IT_Guy

    i have phoned plod and got an incident number, and the promise that somebody will phone me about it!!
  6. Don't hold yer breath mate. Best start looking for that chuck key now.
  7. Thats the excellent service I would expect from our police 'service', what else would you expect for the £280 of everyones council tax they get (Around here at least). I'm only surprised the calls aren't answered from a callcentre in India.

    Do us a favour, when they ask you your ethnic group (which I guarantee they will) tell them your black african, f*cks up their figures you see......
  8. I'm not underage and I didn't know it was your GF's car. What'r you lookin' at?
  9. When asked by a socially handicapped person (Chav), about your ocular intentions, is that the point that they can have ten Bells of Shi'ite kicked out of them by the object of their enquiry?
  10. Welcome to labour/liberal/communist/socialist UK. What the fuck ever happened to common sense? Oh, that was conservative. (Note, WAS). Its all gone now.
  11. Hope you find out the name of this sub human life form. If you do,approach his place under cover of night,scratch his name into the paintwork of his dads car(assuming he s got a dad) retire to a safe distance and wait smugly for the shit to hit the fan! :twisted:
  12. Whatever you do, don't let PLod past the front door to take a report from you, else you will note very stats-hungry eyes peering into every nook and cranny of your hall, living room, kitchen, kazi, eagerly searching for something to job YOU with, so they can tick off another stat for the month.
  13. Regards to mischeif night,

    I take it the bloke who had the concrete block thrown through his window never got the justice he deserved? Ie the scrotes who did it got put in jail?

    A message to the Police, CPS and the government.

    "Start dealing with this, or you may find the "people" (you know us mere plebs) will start dealing with things. Mob rules generally only occurs when the rule of the law and order collapses. At the moment "law and order" is on a zimmer, hobbling to collect her pension. Standby for the chav to rob her."
  14. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I have a nissan x trail and a new megane cabriolet, one late evening a couple of months ago my neighbour woke me and I found both cars covered in paint, but just for good measure they threw stripper on the new Megane, police response, "here is your crime number sir"!! £3500 it cost for some scrotes few minutes of fun - I now have cctv recording and a big stick by the door, but why should we have to live like this :?