Cheers Arrse :)


Just wanted to leave a little thank you to the staff of Arrse and to all who are on here, basic starts tomorrow so I'll be missing all the banter for a while but for those at Bassingbourn I'll try to keep you updated. Cheers again and I'll speak to you in 7 weeks hopefully!!
can I have your playstation


I would have left you the PS3 and games lads but it's already been claimed, unlucky..

Cheers Boozy :) I'll send you a text tomorrow night, let you know what it's like :p


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Best of luck mate. Keep your head down and you will be fine.


Ahh damn, too late again, everyone else always get's the good stuff, what's left :p! Good luck with basic by the way and have fun...can't say I've really been there myself only being a STAB but I'm sure it'll be good!!

Cheers Powder, you get the best of both worlds so it's not all bad!!

Don't know you or think we've even had banter on here. Non the less, good luck and enjoy!

Don't think so Reg, just seen you go into chat tonight, first time I've seen you about but I appreciate it, cheers :)

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