Cheerleading? Is It A Sport? (no wah)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DrGonzo1, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Stingrays Green ESPN2 UCA - YouTube

    Apart from the obvious totty you'd do un-mentionalble things to. I found it hard to believe this is an actual sport that gets broadcast from ESPN!

    Has anyone ever watched this sh!t on their telly? Does anyone think this is a "sport" ? Or just really soft core porn for young yankie college boys to tug their Johnsons too?
  2. At least with cheerleading there's fewer cunts out on the field than there are in a wendyball game.
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  3. What's a Johnson?
  4. pjm


    I am glad that it is classed as a sport. That way the girls who would consider cheer leading "below themselves" if it was just a bunch of girls wearing next to nothing prancing about the middle of a sports field can use the moral justification of "it is a sport" and get involved.
  5. Seeing as darts is a sport and as cheerleading demands a certain amount of physical exertion that definitely makes it a sport.

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  6. It's as much a sport as synchronized swimming or rhythmic gymnastics, and more entertaining than either. There was a Kirsten Dunst film based on this which is worth a watch if you are a pervy old bloke.
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  7. So not a sport in your opinion, Kirsten Dunst (& Christina Ricci) are almost always worth a watch:D
  8. If its a sport, then pole dancing is a sport. Cheerleading was designed to make yank footie more interesting, because it is about as exciting as cricket. Its great!
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  9. Theophalus P Johnson;
    ( b1868 in Louisville Kentucky d1953 Palm Springs California ) the originator of the sport of cheerleading.
  10. The tv program Hellcats was full of fake cheerleading hot totty.
  11. Couldn't you find anything on xhamster?
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  12. what is xhamster?
  13. Porn site.

    Also, who cares if it's sport or not - that's not the point of it. :p
  14. You've been wahed.
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  15. Wasn't George W Bush a cheerleader at college?