Cheerleaders in scimpy kit

It's how the septics bring up their little be robot barbie bimbos!.....:muhaha:
I would. Including all the fatties -anal dry with sandpaper on the foreskin!
Not a single one I remember from their 2002 tour of American units in Telic (or whateverthe Yanks called it), fortunately being co-located they visited us too.

And what a jolly bunch of young ladies they were too. Points to note, they don't look as attractive as you'd imagine sans makeup!
Quite so. Had this one sitting opposite me at dinner one evening. Looked like she'd stopped a dirt bike with her face up close.

Still would, though....

pass the sick bucket!....8O
You're going to put it over her head and swing on the handle aren't you? You filthy swine.

Well done all the same, it's a dirty job but someone has to do it, taking one for the team and all that.
Not the picture we got, but similar... very similar.

Points to note, the girls are actually photographed individually and then they make up the group. A method which would make Regimental Phots a damn sight less painful!!!

The lass front left (as we look) with the long browny blonde, lieing sideways hair, think her name was Arianne. The girl to her left too, and the red head... I am positive they are in those exact poses on the picture I got.

I got a rather snazzy picture from the girls and I got some autographs.

Not to mention their undying gratitude (possibly) by helping them work th ewashing machines (not marriage matierial guys!) and a few other helpful tit bits. Oh, and I invited them for a Brit Bar B Q, but htey weren't allowed to come... bloody minders.


second row, third from the left. I think that was the washing machine drama, she also had breakfast with us. I'll see if I can dig ou thte photo, if the frau hasn't shreded it :)

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