Cheer up - you are officially (Bill Gates says) irresistable

Does this mean my SS uniform which cost me £300 on Ebay is worth wearing to the local or even a night club? I'm going out today for a Sunday sess with my Dar. I've been after the bar woman for donkeys so I may even wear it today, wish me luck !!
i have a kinda kinky fetish about a bloke in a sainsburys uniform!

does that count? :p
Horseshyte, my chick says my '95 looks like actionman pyjamas. As for my ginger fighting suit... Maybe she needs ditching, or I need to go down the gym!
No I think he means the other lass with the kinky fetish about blokes in sainsburys uniforms.

I could be wrong though!
I take it back I have never seen so many BUTT UGLY men in uniforms as I have in Whitehall these last few days...... 8O

no wonder I drink at lunchtime!!!!!! :lol:

Good girls go to Heaven, bad girls go everywhere...... :twisted:
Gunny Highway said:
blessedbabycakes1810 said:
Good girls go to Heaven, bad girls go everywhere...... :twisted:
Where do fat girls go?

And Icy, yeah, that was directed at you, but I didn't know GS was following right behind you !! Is he a love sick puppy?
Cool i love being called a pervert :p

anyone out there have a sainsbury uniform?? if so pm me :wink:
Where do fat girls go?
They normally work behind the bar in the officer’s mess. Then waddle off to the fat Lt Comdrs room.

But that was months ago now I’m sure everybody has forgotten.
Fat girls are great coz it gives fat boys a chance.

Built for comfort not for speed.

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