"Cheer up. Were winning this War on Terror"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jerry_Morsetapper, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. "In the past three years, there has not been a attack on anything like the scale(of 9/11, Madrid or 7/7)"

    FFS, this ranks with "They could'nt hit an elephant at this dis-BANG!" 8O

    It's fcuking ASKING for a spectacular! :evil:
  2. I think that comes in the category "doom and gloom"!
  3. "Winning" is a relative term, what is the endstate that catagorizes winning? I would suggest we are just holding the line.
  4. I think the last paragraph is particularly poignant and well observed: "The right response to the loss of brave souls................. is not an immediate call for retreat. It is, first of all, pride; a great, deep conviction that it is on such sacrifice that our own freedoms have always rested. Then, defiance. How foolish is the enemy that it might think our grief is really some prelude to their victory? Finally, CONFIDENCE. We are prevailing in this struggle. We know it. And everywhere: in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and among Muslims around the world, the enemy knows it too. "

    How typical that the two respondents to this thread so far are negative - we are winning we should have that confidence.
  5. "Negative". A word used by the niave to discribe the realistic... :roll:
  6. And what is the pincipal objective? Later or sooner the war will end. All wars in human history have ended. So what would be the result? How the victory would look? Likely the author himself hasn't idea about it.

    It is widely recognised that Iraq was not a source of terrorism during Saddam's rule. So hardly Iraq could be regarded as a success namely in the war against terrorism.

    Let's look what Garard Baker wrote about Iraq war in 2007