cheer me up!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Jimbleep, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Can you please delete this thead? I checked back and realised I sounded pathetic :D
  2. Just cheered me up reading this, and wondering what you said! :wink:
  3. Just having a bitch about my long-term girlfriend leaving me - I can't remember *cough* what I actually said in the initial thread though *cough* :wink:
  4. Sounds like he needs a chest rub :shock:
  5. I read it, it was pathetic, I'm really glad you've got a grip! :p :D
  6. revenge is the best way poo in a box and post it to her but make sure its gift wraped
  7. I'm intrigued, Jimbleep...Why has she left you?
  8. Don't worry. I'm getting dumped all the time (says it all really). We all do daft things at the time (me more than most). So hold your head up high & speak to Dale about coming to the Christmas P!ss up. We'll cheer you up there x x

    Vodka cures everything you know ;-)
  9. Ah the good old fashioned Sh1t bomb. Do it You'll feel a whole lot better on two counts.
    1 You will have just had a very satisfying sh1t
    2She will have a hand full of your very satisfying sh1t
  10. Invites on the back of a tenner please :)