Cheeky tory bast@rds

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cpl_ripper, May 4, 2005.

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  1. We all know how low Mr Howard and kind will go to get votes, but this takes the pi$$

    From the BBC

    Mr Rigby
  2. As much as I hate BLiar and this government and will still be voting Tory, this sort of behaviour is reprehensible. There can be absolutely no justification for it and I hope that his local party throw the book at him.
  3. Unfortunately, this is common practice and all the parties do it: "Vote early and vote often."

    Of course, that the BBC choose to highlight (quel horreur!) the Tories indulging is no surprise, is it?

    Electoral fraud is the dirty little secret of UK politics. Activists from every party will be at it tomorrow, as their parliamentary candidates look the other way. Which party benefits from it most, do you think?

  4. Im sorry but maybe its the lack of a brew this early in the day, but can you explain what point your trying to make?

    sorry ripper, just didnt understand it. :?
  5. In this case I have to agree with Cpl Ripper, if we attack Liarbour for this sort of thing then we also need to attack Tories who do it too. It's underhand (though apparently in this case not illegal) and undermines trust.
  6. I will say it again. what was underhand?

    I am most likely staring it in the face but i cant see what you are getting at. :?
  7. It would be fair enough if he was family, or if the lady's family agreed to him being able to use her proxy vote, that is explainable and above board. But from what I understand the poo hit the whirly thing when her family found out about it, that made it, IMO, underhanded.
  8. What I would have said, Irrespective of whichever party did the "knobbling"
  9. If she's unfit to decide to give her proxy vote, she must be unfit to vote If this sort of thing is not illegal, then at least the award of proxy should be witnessed by a professional (as passports)
  10. ahhh, i think i see it now.

    The old lady gave her proxy to the tory councillor?

    Is there not a rule against giving it to anyone that may benefit from it?

    A_S slopes of to shake of his wed morning monghead. :oops:
  11. Guy's a scumbag.

    Edited cos I misread Smiffy's comment. Must be something about Wednesday mornings...
  12. Here's some more cheeky Labour bástards: