Cheeky tory bast@rds Pt2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cpl_ripper, May 4, 2005.

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  1. I'm on a roll here. Its been well mentioned on here about Labour party vote rigging, Now Howard’s clowns are at it....

    From The BBC

    Vote fiddling at its best....
  2. Are you commenting or electioneering Ripper? :D
  3. Ripper, sorry to burst your bubble, but that was covered here a few days ago.
  4. In fairness Labour got in there first with the vote rigging, and will continue to do so for the next 72 hours.

    Postal voting means that we are now about as deomcratic as Florida. In today's Independant, a reader has written in to state that sepite there only being three registered voters in their house they have received 12 postal votes.

    Which party do most civil servants, and employees of the state rely on for their continued employment? Labour. Which party will they vote for? Labour.

    Therefore the Labour party is bollock deep in this scandal, whilst the Conservatives are merely ankle deep.
  5. Thinking back to the Poll Tax (ducking to avoid the incoming! :) ) , but would this sort of thing have meant the the guilty bar-stewards would have had to pay for all of these!
  6. Not working for starters :p
  7. Lucky you, I'm trying to force-feed my son and heir 6 ounces of milk.

    Running up hills was much easier.... :)
  8. all the vote rigging in the world won't get that party into power.
    I remember 3 million unemployed and the tories laying waste to all our british industry and scotland, wales and the north of england in revenge for it being traditional labour heartland. I can't stand blair and his faux-sincerity but better the hyprocritical fascist liar you know than the hyprocritical fascist who wants to replace him.
  9. Laying waste to our industry as an act of revenge? Compare the economy in 1979 with the economy in 1997 and explain how 'destroying our industry' brought about the most prosperous period in our history.
  10. More like the fallout from having to take on the Unions who, with Old Labour, managed to destroy the economy. Funny how even Broon managed to sneak in a mention to the economics of the Tories when he said that there had been continous growth in the economy for 50 consectutive quarters (when Labour had only been in office for 32 of them (give or take)). Labour have managed so far by running the economy on Tory lines, though they've thrown in expansion of the civil service to knock down the unemployment totals and to hell with how much that will cost.

    How much is the big black hole that Broon is looking at - £11Bn and growing!
  11. I am not sure it is fair to call Michael Howard a 'fascist', he is after all Jewish.

    Nonetheless I do think he was an ill advised choice as party leader heahas too much of a history to really stand a chance. Ollie Letwin, or Dr. Fox might have given the Conservatives something of a fighting chance had one of them been elected party leader.

    We have had bad politicans in the past, but Blair is the worst simply because he is dangerous; he has little regard for democratic process, and no respect for the instutions that have enabled government to run smoothly for centuries.

    Pure and simple; Blair's 'big project' is going to cause immense problems for everyone apart from the homosexualist, lawyer, media types that live in North London in multi-million pound houses and vote for the party of the working man.
  12. Oliver Letwin has even less charisma than Micheal Howard does!

    I would far rather have David Davis or Theresa May in power. At least they seem to have some charisma about them. Letwin should stay as a backseat driver, but he is most definitely not a people person (or party leader!)
  13. Letwin and Dr. Fox are the only two credible options the party has; my money is on Howard standing down after losing, and Liam Fox becoming the new leader.

    I hope so anyway.
  14. I'm also predicting that the impending economic collapse caused by Brown's borrowing will destroy Labour's credibility on the economy (they inherited a very strong one in 1997 and have had possibly the most benign European and World economic conditions....ever. However, they have managed to feck it up enough to have both interest and inflation rates above those of the EU and the US, so their economic competence is a bit of a myth).
  15. Oh thanks a fecking bunch!!! Something else to look forward too 8O 8O
    Can't wait for interest rates to hit 14+% again, - how I yearn for the good old days.

    I have to add that (he's my local MP) my dog has more charisma than Letwin!!!