Cheeky Girl (25) to marry MP (43)... is it love?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Litotes, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Some garlic.
  2. Not love but a British Passport or am I being cynical???

    My OH had that brain melting crap Celebrity Mr&Mrs on at weekend and one question these two 'celebrities' was asked went on lines that if he asked her to marry him, would she insist on her mum and sister going along.....

    Her answer was yes she would !!!!!

    Who cares, both non entities, no news worthy info here....
  3. Size of his chin! Like desperate dan from the beano.
  4. You are missing the point, ukdaytona, these people are "slebs"; they exist because of such TV programmes.

  5. She's a hideous skank. He's an ugly troll, but he's still Brad f***ing Pitt compared to her!
  6. hmmm...

  7. I wonder did he get mixed up in the fact that she sucks blood not c**k 8O

  8. And now for the weather forecast; Bright and sunny in all areas apart from the p1ss poor colour co-ordination on all sides.

    Sian. xxx
  9. My name is Vlad - I will gargle your period my darlink.
  10. He is my local MP and he is indeed a fucking spastic.
  11. Lembit is a good bloke.

    How can you censure a man who loves Spitfires, and is trying to get a statue of RJ Mitchell erected in his home town?

    What Sian thinks of all this of course, is anyone's guess. Not much of a guess I grant you..
  12. I concur.

    Also, for an odd looking 43yo, he's snared a fit 25yo with a healthy bank balance. My hat is doffed.
  13. healthy bank balance?

    THEY have had four Top 10 hits, sold more than a million singles worldwide and turned on the Christmas lights in almost every small town in England. But fame has not meant fortune for The Cheeky Girls, who are fighting off a host of bankruptcy claims at the Royal Courts of Justice, write Chris Millar and Richard Edwards, Evening Standard.

    HM Revenue & Customs has filed papers against the pair over an unpaid £4,500 tax bill, which they must answer by 16 August.

    It is the third time in just over a year that the Transylvanian twins have been hit with such an action. Today Monica and Gabriela Irimia blamed their financial crisis on their record company, claiming Telstar owes them £2.2m.

    The pair, who live with their mother in Rye, East Sussex, say the defunct label only ever paid them £20,000 apiece and they are continually being surprised by new bills.

    Gabriela, 23, said: 'For two years we worked flat out thinking we would make a lot of money. But after all that we hardly have change for a drink. Everybody in the street thinks we'remaires and imagines we lead these glamorous lives but the reality is very different.'

    Their mother Margaret, who is their manager and songwriter, said: 'We have been shafted. The record company bosses who owe us the money are multi-millionaires. They are sitting on our royalties refusing to pay us. It is devastating for the girls to be in this situation.'

    The girls became overnight sensations after auditioning - badly - on TV talent show Popstars: The Rivals. Their debut single Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) was a cult hit and sold 1.2m copies worldwide.

    They signed a contract with Telstar in 2003, securing a joint advance of £40,000. But then the label, whose other acts included Craig David and Victoria Beckham, went bust.

    At present, the girls' only income is from £300-a-time appearances at nightclubs and holiday camps.

    Margaret said: 'Bills keep emerging about which we know nothing until they are publicised in court. We have paid all our bills and we will continue to pay. We borrowed from my mother-in-law to pay a £25,000 bill last year and we have borrowed £10,000 to record a new album. We believe the girls will be successful again.'

    ...definitely worth one though!!
  14. Here is how Sian reacted on hearing the news "Fcuking feinedd dicked ddyn , Gobeithia dail herpes chan a 'n anghyfreithiol imigrant cnut. And now the forecast for tomorrow"