Cheeky Crabs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ralf, Feb 11, 2008.

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    What a Kn0b he's saying the RAF Regt are trained and lead !!!


    Should of canned them in the first place ....what a waste of rations they are
  2. Ooh an RAF REGT baiting thread..... haven't seen one of these before.
  3. How will they man the two extra Regts?

    Simple. Once the RAF have managed to scrap/absorb the AAC, there will be plenty of man power available plus they can station the units at Dishforth and Wattisham. At least the chaps wont need to move.

    RAF are led by PR and marketing. As I've always said, they are nothing more than the aggresive wing of EasyJet.
  4. I thought that those in the RAF Regt, were called Rock Apes, or am I thinking of somthing else?

    And when 50 Fld Sqn RE went to build Victoria Stadium in Gib (1970 /71), 3 troop were living with the Crabs. Well some crab upset one of the troop members when having a quiet pint of Pimms.

    For the next 20 or so minutes, THREE TROOP, took the bar apart.
    After the Crabs had said sorry, they spent the weekend building them a better bar with free drinks!

    A WIN - WIN situation! .. .. :wink:
  5. they're grrrrreat - not. I remember the glorious RAF regt doing a bridge guard for us near Nienburg in 1987 - instead of looking OUT to protect us, they were looking IN watching the build...brilliant, quite brilliant
  6. I always found easyjet to be more reliable and with a better customer service!
  7. Thats because you're not a "customer", you're "self loading freight"
  8. Flashy,

    Looks like the man power for one and the nucleus for the other will come from 2 disbanding rapier sqns.
  9. dear god, not again this is so boring its now tedious :roll:
  10. I've seen some really angry baggage handlers. Angry because they had to do some work. Obviously there are some striking similarities between civil carriers and the RAF in general!