Cheeky Barsteward!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by devilish, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. I drive a bin lorry as my full time job and today a nasty streak came over me.

    I get abused on a daily basis due to blocking roads whilst the guys empty the bins and also due to it being 30 ft long and 26 tonnes of vehicle therefore not an easy thing to get out of the way. Don't get me wrong, if I can pull in to let people passed then I always do but most times it's just not possible.

    Today I'm stopped at the side of the road, cars are parked all down the street so I have nowhere to pull in. As I make my way down the street slowly allowing the lads to empty the bins and move on I'm getting this guy and his wife honking their horn and flashing their lights.

    I'm used to this but this guy is going at it like he's in a serious hurry so I get out of the cab and go to his car and politely ask him what his hurry is and tell him if I could pull in I would.

    "We've got a funeral to go to" he says in a very loud and angry voice.

    "Get the bloody truck moved or we'll be late" says his wife.

    "You'll be late" says I.

    "YES!" they both reply.

    "Well it's not like the deceased is going to notice is it?" says I.

    The look of utter shock on their faces was a sight to see. I just walked off to the cab and carried on to the end of the street.

    I'm now subject to a formal interview with my boss.

    Cheeky or just outright nasty barsteward?
  2. Cheeky. I lol'd at that, although i really shouldn't have.
  3. Will you be having tea and biscuits at the interview ?
  4. If I take in my flask and own biccies then yes, otherwise no.
  5. You have my sympathy mate - so many impatient barstewards everywhere these days. Why do they think they are so fcuking important ?
  6. Class, Devlish feck 'em if the occasion was so important they would have set off with more time.
  7. unless anyone else, other than the couple, heard what you said then just deny it.

    At the end of the day it will be their word against yours and on that basis it cant be taken any further than a informal slap on the wrist.

    Personaly I think you should have asked them where the funeral was being held and dumped the contents of your truck on top of the grave :twisted:
  8. How long were they held up? 10 minutes at a guess? Fcuk em, sound like typical "Im full of my own importance" idiots.

    If you get disciplined, next time someone shouts at you, book off sick with stress for 6 months, got to play these clowns at their own game.

    BTW, how business in the refuse game, picking up? :D
  9. Ask your boss what the basis of their complaint is. If he tells you that they desperately needed to get to a funeral in a hurry, I would suggest you reply:
    "I look forward to seeing the first hearse fitted with blues and twos"

    You can pick your P45 up on the way out
  10. Funny but a bit unnecessary really. Can't wait for the headlines:

    Funeral morning Bin Lorry ordeal - Parents of Tragic Soldier speak out....
  11. I'm actually not too bothered about the interview sans coffee. I'll just deny I said anything. On the basis that I've never had anyone complain about me in 15 years I'll probably get away with it.
  12. Good reply, as any squaddie would do, and I heartily approve.

    Problem is the boss has to be seen to deal with the complaint, and probably even has guidelines issued by some prat who lives in a PC office.
    Best approach is to simply explain the position as you see it, that you were unable to move aside where you were, that the people in the car were constantly honking the horn and flashing lights but that you couldn't move.
    Explain that you did not stay in the cab but went to explain politely why you couldn't move aside, and that they replied in a very abrupt and haughty manner. Unfortunately your army experience came to the fore and you replied as many ex-soldiers would have done. You understand that they were under pressure but you are not happy being spoken to in such a manner, especially as had they left their house in good time then they would not have had the problem.
    You apologise for your reaction and will try to learn from the incident.

    If that is not enough ask your boss what you should have done and what he would have had you do. Remember you could have stayed in the cab and just waited out the situation.

    Forget tea and bikkies, have a pint and a sarnie afterwords.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  13. Nice one.
    Of course if you had accidently slipped into reverse gear and wrecked their car.............
  14. Don't even try to explain your actions, immediately complain about being abused by members of the public whilst going about your lawful activities. You have the right to not be abused at work, then throw a hissy fit and demand com-pen-say-shun.
  15. Can someone tell me how to get beer off my monitor and from inbetween my keys please?!!!!!

    Toss 'em.... impatient barstewards!!!