Good morning everyone,

first of all I'm not sure if this is the right forum for posting this topic. I used the search enginge, but I haven't found a better topic to post.

What to talk about?

It's easy. Today we've had an english lesson at the military police school and the topic was 'Checkpoints'. Now I'm interested in how the biritsh do their checkpoints.
My questions are:

1.) What types of CP are there?
2.) Where do you do CP's (not the country, especially crossroads or sh.)?
3.) Why do you do CP's?
4.) What equipment do you use on a CP?
5.) Who works at a CP?
6.) What is the Military Police task at a CP?

Thank you a lot for answering.

Greets from Germany
there is an official document detailing about 17 different types of VCP, ive seen it somewhere on the defence intranet.
Cant remember the name of it unfortunately
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