Checking for history of serial litigants.

You can be, in law, declared a Vexatious Litigant which means you are such a pain in the arris that you are barred from taking private action over anything at all either for life or for a fixed period.

I dare say there is an official list of them somewhere but they are mainly loonies.
I doubt that this entity would be classed as a vexatious litigant but I suspect that threats of court action and Small Claims are part of their Modus Operandi.
Obviously I don't know exactly what this is about but I've ended up going to small claims county type courts three times over the years trying to stop my house being reposessed over mortgage arrears (all paid off now though, thank God) and didn't find it anything to worry about.

Judge sat there in a suit at the head of a table in a side room, you on one side and the opposition's solicitor on the other.

Be polite, talk to the Judge as you would a senior officer, bring your paperwork and make your point.

If you are in the right there is nothing to fear - call their bluff and make them look stupid or, my cases, unreasonable.
Thanks Micawber but that's not really the problem. Just looking to find out if a particular company is in the habit of bringing small claim court action.
A vexatious litigant is not someone who sues lots of people, but one who sues the same person using the same facts in a slightly different way. The court can make an order that someone is a vexatious litigant, but although I can't recall the leading case I seem to remember that it was on something like the 6th attempt.

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