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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by wandering, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am trying to gain information on whether somone has been in the army or not.
    I have his army number 2508****, is there anyway of checking this.
    Apparently to some he never graduated from Sandhurst - but according to him he was in the army for 16 years.

    Any help would be greatley recieved.
  2. It's not an RAF number.
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  3. That's an OR number so it's unlikely to belong to someone who got through Sandhurst. It's also not a number of someone who's been in 16 years, my number starts 2508 and I only passed 13 years this week!
  4. I thought Army numbers for other ranks were 8 numbers ie 2438**** and officers numbers were 5 numbers usually starting with a 4 or 5?
  5. Why do you need to know?
  6. Im trying to find out as its causing alot of friction amongst friends. the full number is 25087562, i was told he was an wo2 of 9th army core.
  7. It's not from 94!!!
  8. He's blagging. Massively. There's no way anyone with a 2508 number has made WO2 yet. I don't even think it's possible never mind feasible. The British Army hasn't had real Corps formations since World War 2 either.
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  9. There is all sorts of different information going about, is there anyway of validating this number?
  10. The number will almost certainly exist. I will absolutely guarantee you now that the owner of it is not and never has been a WO2 in 9th Army Corps.
  11. Not since JPA took hold, all numbers started with 30, onto 32 by now I imagine
  12. ive googled 9th army air corp and i can only find out information from WW2, yet he is only 35
  13. How the hell do you know his full army number yet don't know enough about him to find out if he's bluffing?

    Does he have tattooed on his forehead or something or are you just a nosey twat that's been going through his things?

    I smell a wind-up
  14. 2508, was late 98 to early 99.
  15. what i pile of sh~t wo2 with an 2508 number and sounds like he served in WW2. I SMELL BULLSH&T
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