Hi all,

For those that have seen the health and fitness thread, you will know about a website set up by ex soldier Phil Morris that I am heavily involved in.

The website has now been granted charity status! we are now reg charity no 1125654.

Have a look at the site and more importantly the forums to see what we do.

Why does that deserve to be on arrse... well a big part of what I do for the site, as well as providing support, advice and awareness to the public, I also give awareness talks to soldiers in their own units.

Have a look at the site for my story (just click on the picture of me) and what we do and please bear us in mind for any charity functions you or your units may hold. The website has been running for 5 years but the charity was only granted last week so we are very much in our infancy with NO funds at all yet. everything we do comes out of our own pockets. chances are we have helped someone on here and continue to do so! (I am currently helping 2 soldiers with the disease whilst I am deployed on TELIC) so please spread the word around, we are in desperate need for donations!

Just one last thing from us... we dont get paid to do what we do. all monies given to the site go DIRECTLY to the cause, not peoples pockets like most charities, and that is the way we intend to stay!

All the best guys,

Mick Riley

Chairman of

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