Check those balls!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TopChick, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. 8O

    In all seriousness men aged between 15 - 45 are at risk of testicular cancer, so thought would provide you lot with some info! Girls this is just as appropriate for you, much more fun if you check your man yourself :wink:

    (yes I know this belongs under health but thought it too important to be down there.....excuse the pun)

    Please do look at the link for advice on how to check and what to look out for.

    A public health announcement by TC :D
  2. Just checked, nothing down there.

    Just checked, nothing down there (deepens voice).
  3. Had mine closely inspected recently , I'll ask her.

    Badda-boom -Tssssssssssh
  4. I keep sticking my finger up at other drivers.

    Is this the first symptom of gesticular cancer?
  5. Well let's be honest, most blokes have their hands in their pants while watching TV or something - so you might as well do something useful! :lol:
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Didn't Racheal Stevens, of S Club 7 fame, figure head this? I remember seeing her talking blokes through it when she was lying on a bed with a bowl of fruit.

    All good stuff her playing with a plum, until she f*cking took a bite out of it! Kinky little minx
  7. There is a whole thread on Rear Party with Links etc - click here.

  8. A German consumer magazine recently came to the conclusion that pre-testing for testicullar cancer was basically a waste of time!

    Most people after a certain age have it already,but it´s not malignant;Treatment normally scares the crap out of them,and nothings achieved,other than keeping doctors busy.

    I wonder how many bags of nuts did they test to come to this conclusion :twisted: I´ll look for a link :roll:
  9. Whoops I think I just had a little accident!
  10. That IS interesting, considering research has shown that it can be 96-99% curable if caught early on....yeah reference would be good if you can find it.

    Story on the news today of an 18 year old who had seen a talk about examination, a few months later was examining himself and found a lump, was such an aggressive form they operated a few days later - the consultant told him that if they hadn't, within two weeks it would have spread to his abdomen and lungs and proven fatal.... :roll: ...which incidentally is what happened to the son of the lady behind the Everyman campaign.

    Screening is singularly the most effective method of combating cancer in that early detection, then early treatment saves lives....

    *TC steps off soap box*

    So ignore the Germans... :lol:
  11. The only problem was that by the time guys had stopped drooling over her, they had wood and forgot all about checking their nuts :D
  12. My mistake,it was prostate cancer they were on about,I wanted to cancell the post to stop any confusion but was too late(after scouring the net for the article!) to delete,back to scratching my nuts I suppose :oops:
  13. Ohhh???????

    Is that what that video is about. I wasn't really listening to what she was blathering on about.

    Check your balls regularly... and make a point of letting Arrse Maidens know exactly what you are doing. I frequently give Irish Doris an update on the status of salt build-up and she loves it. She really appreciates me keeping her in the loop.

  14. That's why when you blokes get old you end up trotting to the loo several times a night for a wee....Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - benign but enlarged prostate, so yeah that makes sense!

    Anyway back to checking those balls.... :lol: