check this out for a mark of rememberance

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. He's a Billy Big Timing STAB who didn't check the spellings of the names tattoed on his own body.
  2. Bit hard to check them on your own back, surely?
  3. My flabber is gasted.
  4. So he wouldn't have given a list of them to the tattoist? I bet his fcuking email to the media saying 'Ooh look at me!' was checked beforehand.
  5. Say what you will, that had to hurt! And he is raising money for Help for Heroes.

    What puzzles me is this:

    "The first name was etched on his body just as the traditional Armistice Day two-minute silence began"

    Now I have a few tats and, apart from being painful, it is also a noisy process. So why start at the start of the 2 minute silence and not at the end of it?
  6. What a strange thing to do. It seems that he's using other peoples grief for his own ends.
  7. What a knob
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  8. What the clown said.

    It'a a shameless display of "Oh look at me." and he ought to be scrubbed with Vim and a bass broom till it all comes off.
  9. I bet he only did it to mask the slightly shorter list of men that he's slept with tattooed on the other side.
  10. Because the quote "The process started at about 10 past 11" is nowhere near as stirring, patriotic, and helpful to paper sales as "The process was started on the stroke of the eleventh hour. A silence fell upon the country broken only by some fat blerk grunting as he was chav-tagged all over his body"
  11. What a fcuking winner. Left the TA in 1996 when it was still a Dad's Army outfit, never served in Afghan, and probably didn't know a single one of the blokes killed. I can spot at least six who would be anything but chuffed, and their names are spelt right!

  12. If this windowlicker had any honour whatsoecver, any committment at all, he would have had them tattooed on his face. The fukcing lightweight.
  13. From the comments section. Septics... :roll:
  14. I'm uneasy at seeing people from my capbadge tattooed on some jellyheads body. Raising money for charity doesn't mean that you have to tell everyone that'll listen.