Check this flag out. ?

rtfm-fool said:
Does LGBT mean?

Try anything sexual.
No , it's the London Gay Bowling Team
They want a shot at the 2012 Olympics.
Well stap me vitals, them shirtflifters have their own MoD department, wouldn't have happened in my day.
Can you provide the link to the MoD's Heterosexual forum page. They must have one given their commitment to equality of opportunity.
mediumwhiteamericano said:
steady arrsers, it appears Baracus may be looking for a reaction?
And he got the usual knee-jerk.
Shame he wasn't stood in front of me at the time.
Hello Baracus.

How about you be a clever little soul and tell us what paper/magazine/news agency you work for.

If you're hoping for a huge Homophobic reaction from us. Think again. We arrsers are a diverse group of people from all backgrounds, of all colours and religions. We pride ourselves on how well we gel together as a team.


Tell you what if it makes you feel any better we'll rip into the Poofs/dykes/greedys/heshe's and tell you how they are pulling the army apart with their evil contaminated rodent p1ss just so you don't have to get your fat hoop out of your chair and do some real journo stuff like Clark Kent.

What a fecking Muppet!!!

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