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Check these charmers out, I think they are in need of ARRSE wisdom



I didn't ask to join. Just reported the group as offensive to Faceache. That's how fucking bored/boring I am!
Sat at home with two slipped discs so nothing better to do. This guy claims to be a Buddhist?
Andrew Orozco, I'm a protector is all that is good...The father lion to his cubs...you fuck with my cubs, I take heads off...balls on your chin buddy..Balls on your chin..

I am not really sure what he means, I was offended at first but now I am just confused, maybe a little curious. I would not mind but I never go near cubs, either my ankle bracelet goes off or the scoutmaster chases me off
I'm not driving the bus, I've had a couple of pints. I did however have a large sandwich with my first pint so will I still be under the limit?

It was a rather enjoyable sandwich, and I shall spend more time thinking about how to improve my masterpiece further than thinking about some fucking braindead students who have nothing better to do than compare gang rape to Reccy Mechs on Faceache.

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