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Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Harry Skinters, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. Gents, I had a meeting with the MD of a company last week with the intention of upgrading his fairly crap website into a gleaming monument to the electronic age able to take product orders. During our getting to know you chat he told me what a phys ninja he was and how he loved his running and then he dropped in," I was a Royal Marine in a previous life you know" I straight away said, " Oh excellent, me too, what unit were you? "

    He said 40 Cdo and then tried getting back to the business at hand before I could bounce some names off him. Also I tried to pin him down to a period but he waved it off with" In my younger days ha ha ". I thought well yeah no shit ? .

    Long story short, how would I go about checking the guy out short of asking for his R138 which isn't too subtle ? I'm not in touch with anyone over the age of 40 and I would guess this guy is late 40's early 50's ?

    My reason for wanting to check is that so far, our ongoing consultations and meetings have promised much but produced little of substance. It could be a mega earner for our company, not to mention my ongoing commish but I have the feeling he just likes talking big and going through the motions of sounding big time . The twat has had 6 free lunches out of me alone .

    He's quite a canny ****** in that we never seem to get further than talking basic design and he waffles crap about content and then a week later I have to drive up the M1 again to discuss some other non relevant bollocks. I just want to out him as a bullshitter then my boss (ex 7Rha) will then hopefully let me pull the plug .
  2. Has he threatened to deck you yet? Has he "offered you out?"

    If no, he isn't a Booty.
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  3. sling him a couple of rollmats and see what he does
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  4. You were going to "bounce some names off him".

    If you expected him to know them, then you can reasonably expect them to know him.

    Why not ask them?
  5. Up the ante.... Perhaps, "Walt" right back at him saying you once were a spaceman (but got bored). Gauge his reaction, then laugh! Make sure you leave a very uncomfortable pause before the laugh. What a treat that would be!
  6. Call naked bar next time you take him out for lunch.
  7. The sure fire way surely is tell him you are going on the lash and place 2 outfits on the table, one being jeans and a t shirt, the other a choice of women's clothing and a blonde wig, for we all know which the true Booty will pick....
  8. Because of his age which I would put at late 40s, early to mid 50s ( yeah id be a shit copper) the Seniors in my day are now starting to get Senior Citizenish. I'm just not in contact with people who were CSgt WO2 in my day although some of my oppos might be . It will be along the lines of can you ask so and so if he knows so and so . Fair plan though , cheers
  9. HHH

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    So what exactly is the job you're offering ?
  10. Yes sorry I just clicked on new thread as I was reading something in Jobs section. Why what are you looking for ?
  11. MODS any chance this could be moved to maybe Int cell or NAAFI please ? I confess in advance to being a mega spastic and its in the wrong place.
  12. Oh dear.........
  13. We are recruiting like feck and I'm juggling it on my own. Filtering through a slack handful of CVs and applications from and through the Job Centre. Some are standing out as complete howlers but some people are slick with their wording and phrases (however have you ever met an 18 year old Pathfinder who got out because he 'fancies something different'? (like standing on a building site at night for £6.50 an hour :) )
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    You too, huh?

    I feel so cheap and used...