Check out this GOOD BLOKE!!!!!!!!


I was just looking around on the net and I came across this clip on livelink, thought I'd show his face around a bit in case anyone has the fortune of meeting him some day!!!


Sorry I forgot to add this earlier, if there are kids about you might want to turn the sound down a bit!!!!

So if you don't own a web cam you are rubbish and weak.

I agree with the point about not dying in the desert or jungle though. Dying is proven to be bad for your health and should be avoided.

Other than that typical small minded student, the only sensible bit on it was the cats arse.
Blimey! Quite 'articulate'. Strongly held 'principles' but no sense of self preservation if he finds himself espousing those views in Colchester or Aldershot I would imagine. Seems to have a bit of a problem differentiating between the troops and those who send them. I'm not sure I like being classified as a 'toff' or a 'knob'. But there you are. I'm so glad I serve these people - it makes the last 28 years all worthwhile.
Do we know who he is?

Im going to kill the cunt if I ever meet him. Does anyone know who he is at all? Someone needs to glass the prick.


War Hero
So, who's in Canada at the moment?

Find it amusing that he'll only accept threats if they are posted via a video on liveleak? Impressive.


I just want to get hold of him and drag the little tosser around the wards at Selly Oak hospital, maybe he can give a rendition of his speech there.

I'm sure all of the Blokes injured in both Iraq and Afghanistan would like to have a little word in his lughole!!! :threaten:


Ignorant tw@t.
:threaten: find him ! stick webcam in arrse
staple/glue union jack on front and stars and stripes on back ....................air despatch him into iraq / afghan / iran depending on personal preference (yours not his) and phone cnn to watch live on the telly as he experiences local hospitality LOLS :headbang:
Hmmmm. Methinks this gentleman is a complete tosspot.
To be fair, I work with a youth group and there are no shortage of 16, 17 or 18 year olds with what they feel are strongly held convictions and big mouths about what they have done, along with how much they get paid in their saturday jobs and how indispensible they are to the world and so on ad get the picture.
I seem to remember to being a bit of a tosser when I was 17..(although some would say that I still am!)..I still cringe at some of the things I did and said. His views will change I am sure, it's just a question as to timing. Before or after I kick the living sh1t out of him.
Jumped up little Gimp! Who the fcuk does he think gives him the freedom to say what he says....


Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.. oh but don't do it in person as I might cr*p myself. Oh by the way did I mention that I am in Canada.
This bloke is an absolute nkobber. Nice how he gets the americanism's in.. apparently we are all pussycats???
I wonder if he has made this speech on the streets of Canada or better still gone south of the border?


So, lets get this right, some soldier has ***** the girl he fancies and he is a little upset.


next we need to see him groveling and apologising following a good shoeing and pending **** rape by bubba a elmer
what a chomper!!!


Bloody hell I think they need to make abortion buckets taller so things such as that can’t climb out. I mean come on, he rants that he will beat everybody with his sheer ability to upload the last rant video thanks to his sheer stamina?! Somebody has a very isolated life if they believe that is the be all and end all. Wonder what would happen if somebody actually sat him down and logically showed him the error of this entire train of thought and I do not mean in a clock work orange kind of way.


Rape murder and debauchery you guys in the Infantry have all the fun, the man is a total c**k. Millions dead???? did I miss something, ok own up whose been killing people whilst my back was turned?? Get a life you total tube


Bless him, he's been up all day. You know he just won't settle for his afternoon 'quiet time'. Dad's going to be ever so cross when he finds out Tarquin has been on his computer again.

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