Check out this bunch of Walts

Yeah right! As if! I've never seen so much hamming it up in my life. What film was this . . . Rambo IXXVX
Is that them guys from ultimate farce, y'know that Grant Mitchell?
Two of them look like my window cleaners. Reminds me, I must pay them.
:thumleft: Ya dropped a 0! 1500 actual number. no video exists of trevor lock actually guiding the 3 C130s into the rear upper window.


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Bullet Sponge said:
Bat_Crab said:
I've met 5 people at least in my local who were first through the window...
You can't have, I was the first through the window.
No you wern't I was and so was my wife
i remember watching it live on tele. They showed it instead of Crossroads which was a real bugger. Sandy and Meg had fallen out. Thanks ITV, talk about getting your priorities mixed up.
I still dine out on my tales of absailing in through the sky light, slotting blokes with me Sten in one hand as I went down.

Not bad for a four year old.
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