Check out this Bargin!

You are Bidding on The Army Air Corp Presentation Badge

It has been cold enameld in gold, red, and aquamarine to give it a shimmering affect then placed in a presentation box.

This would make a beutifull present for a collector, a member or exmember of the regiment, or as a sweetheart brooch for a loved one worn through the button hole of a lapel

I am the only producer of these badge / brocches and each item is individualy hand treated and boxed. This is the first of this type of badge I have done and Im pleased with it.

This badge is absolutely beutifull. Unfortunatly I am no photographer and my attempt does not do the item justice. If you win the bid, and on receipt are not happy with it then I will give a refund if it is returned in the same condition and within seven days. I have made this offer on other badges I have produced and never had one returned. Check my feed back to clarify the quality.
Why is it people fail to use a simple spell checker when advertising an item? It wouldn't make much different to the 'product' as it's a bag of wank.

He seems to be pleased with it. I guess Joey Deacon would be pleased too.

It oozes quality and charm in the same way a rusty nail does.

He says he is no photographer and I would have a guess that he is no artist either. He certainly doesn’t do it justice as to do that, he should have kept his felt tips in his pencil case.

I sent this:

Amy Air Corps Badge:

Has it been produced that way or just coloured in with felt tip by a spaz using his feet through the letterbox

Is it Staybright, I may make a purchase as I thoroughly enjoy playing pilots and run around the garden in my underpants making wokka wokka noises

RJ Mitchell Callsign Merlin

and got this back:
We do not colour in with felt tip it has been cold enamled and is made of staybright it has to be so that the sparkle effect shines through the enameling, our materialworks with metal badges but is not so effective. As part of our trials on these badges we scrubbed a completed badge for aboyr 15 mins with a pan scourer and could not remove the colour which is great unless you make a mistake and you have to throw away the badge. Regards Pete (derbybadge)
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Why is it people fail to use a simple spell checker when advertising an item?
It's fleabay, pikeys don't care (or know) about spelling.

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