Check out the teeth on these two!!


Tom, stay away, you've moved on to the set of the latest Aliens movie!! Sigorney, NNnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo!!!

Nice long fingers on the right - could 'milk' my prostate(spl?)


Based on the title I don't know why it even entered my head that I would be plesantly surprised. In times of hardship you would though...may have to knock them out first but where there is a will there is a way.
Trevelez said:
The one on the right could eat an apple through a tennis racket
or a chain link fence.
Ah Japan probably the highest paid dentists in the world and the worst teeth. Trouble is to qualify costs about a million US or more but no-one fails.

Still always been partial to a blow job from a girl with braces, beats tongue pircings any day.
Fcuk me! its an oriental Cilla Black!! 8O

"Whats it all about Alfieeeeeeeeeeee?" :D
Scorptin said:
Wouldn't want the one with the braces to give you a nosh!
No, you're right, but I could do with some cheese grating . . . . . mature cheddar not bell-smeg!
Take the one on the left down to the pub to meet your mates tell them she's your new girlfriend.

Then say "Say cheese for the lads babe".

Then keep a straight face and say why are you all fucking laughing?
Being Japanese women should they not be partaking in some bukkake, dressing as schoolgirls/selling their used pants for the pleasure of businessmen or at least trying to talk Tom into starring in a scat movie?

Maybe I shouldn't base national stereotypes on internet experience alone...